Episode 9: Revolution Nine

Episode 9
Image by Eric Wen.

This month’s episode of the n+1 podcast features an interview with Moira Weigel on “Sadomodernism” in the films of Michael Haneke and Lars von Trier, a profile of Russian poet-activist Kirill Medvedev, and a conversation with Associate Editor Dayna Tortorici on second-wave feminist Shulamith Firestone.

Hosted by Elisa Wouk Almino, Moira Donegan, and Eric Wen.
Audio Engineer: Malcolm Donaldson.
Produced by Elisa Wouk Almino, Malcolm Donaldson, Moira Donegan, and Eric Wen at WNSR: New School Radio.
Readings and performances by Keith Gessen, Mark Krotov, Kirill Medvedev, and Bela Shayevich, recorded at Book Court, Brooklyn, NY on April 20, 2013.
Music from Björk, Kirill Medvedev, and Names.
Original Music by The Westerlies featuring Andrew Mulherkar, Luke Sellick, Sammy Miller, and Malcolm Donaldson.

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