Episode 11: Satan

Episode 11
Image by Eric Wen.

For a special Halloween episode, the n+1 podcast brings two stories from Issue 17: The Evil Issue. Rebecca Curtis reads from her short story “Fish Rot” and then a radio production of Gregory S. Moss’s play sixsixsix, directed by Dan Rogers and performed by Adam Mazer, Eileen Meny, and Lizzie Vieh. It’s “spectacularly spooky!” says one co-host.

Hosted by Elisa Wouk Almino, Moira Donegan, and Eric Wen.
Audio Engineer: Malcolm Donaldson.
Produced by Elisa Wouk Almino, Malcolm Donaldson, Moira Donegan, and Eric Wen.
sixsixsix directed by Dan Rogers and performed by Adam Scott Mazer, Eileen Meny, and Lizzie Vieh.
Music from Bobby “Boris” Pickett, The Satans, and Frank De Vol.
Original Music by The Westerlies featuring Andrew Mulherkar, Luke Sellick, and Sammy Miller.

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