68 Jay St. #405, Part I

What was the office?

In June of 2020, after months of remote work due to Covid, and with no sign of rent relief and no change in the state of public health on the horizon, n+1 moved out of our office in Brooklyn. This departure echoed a larger trend during the pandemic—the flight of white collar work from office spaces to bedrooms—and, at least for now, the end of offices as we’ve known them.

For over a decade, n+1 was operated out of a single room in DUMBO, Brooklyn: 68 Jay Street, #405. We asked our staff, editors, and authors, past and present, for their recollections of the space, to collectively tell a (slightly less brief) history of yet another small office. This is Part I; Part II is here.

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Issue 39 Take Care

Without a dramatic transformation of this industry, what will old age look like for the rest of us? Indigence for all.

Issue 39 Take Care
Eye to Eye with the Beast
Issue 39 Take Care

I can tell you only what I found helpful.

Issue 39 Take Care

She wanted to be alive to cradle the dead.

Issue 39 Take Care
Knowledge Will Not Save Us
Issue 39 Take Care
A Trip to Minsk
Issue 39 Take Care

We might move on from complaining about how educating white people is exhausting to just treating them like shit.

Issue 39 Take Care
The Speculator
Issue 39 Take Care
Rumble in the Jungle
Issue 39 Take Care
Salt, Fat, Acid, Defeat
Issue 39 Take Care

After all, no one ever mentioned the putting of a human dick into a living mollusc.

Issue 39 Take Care

It’s not exactly how the present sounds, but it’s close enough.

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It was nice that people were saying, “Well, you know, Microsoft is closed and evil and whatever, but this time they’re right!”