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Announcing <em>On Fire</em>—new from Paper Monument

Announcing On Fire—new from Paper Monument

On Fire is at once an oral history of the phenomenon of the studio fire—a catastrophic but potentially transformative event in the lives of a surprising number of artists—and a behind-the-scenes look at daily life in the artist’s studio. Author Jonathan Griffin asks ten contemporary artists how they recovered after their studios went up in flames, and gains surprising insights into their working methods, their relationship to their chosen profession, and their reasons for making art.

Our symposium on labor and magazines is now online.

Read five of the pieces from Issue 21's special Labor & Letters section here

Read Nikil Saval on Labor & Letters and the first publishing strike; Maida Rosenstein, president of Local 2110 of the United Auto Workers, on the challenges of organizing office workers; Gemma Sieff, a former editor of Harper’s, on the effort to unionize the magazine in 2010; Maxine Phillips on the history of the distinguished socialist (and nonunionized) publication Dissent; and, finally, Keith Gessen, cofounder and senior editor of n+1, on the labor conditions at this (nonunion) magazine over the ten years of its precarious existence. Daniel Menaker’s piece on the New Yorker is available to subscribers and forthcoming as a Kindle Single on Amazon.

Announcing Issue 20: Survival

Announcing Issue 20: Survival

This month n+1 turns ten. Stick with us.

Ten years ago this month we launched n+1. A lot has happened since then: wars, revolutions, and assassinations; inspiring elections, political stagnation, and economic collapse. Meanwhile technology continues to rearrange the ways we go through life and the sorts of relationships we have. When we started n+1, we wanted to insist that history in the 21st century could be something more than a lame consensus on “liberal democracy” plus the War on Terror. Ten years later, we have all the history we can handle. All the old questions are being asked again.