We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

Affect theory for activists

Enrique Martínez Celaya, The Surrogate, 2014. Oil and wax on canvas, 72 x 66”. Collection of the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut.

Affect offers a new approach to this old problem: What latent thing do you and I, two powerless individuals, share that might, if activated, endow us with a common sense of things, and from there a collective potency? Affect theory does not discover an authentic self buried by oppression; it constructs one anew from the wreckage of defeat. In doing so, it assembles collective knowledge against the devil on your shoulder that whispers that you are alone in this — in this dead-end job, in this broken relationship, in debt, in depression, in paralysis.

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Issue 22 Conviction

Fighting for something better was not a matter of taste but of dignity.

Issue 22 Conviction

It seems not to matter to the proliferation of writing about millennials that so much of it has been internally contradictory.

Issue 22 Conviction
On Becoming More Human
Issue 22 Conviction

Police make things visible. They enhance situations, but no one mistakes them for the main show.

Issue 22 Conviction

Playing white is like when animals play dead.

Issue 22 Conviction

Old buddy, he slurred. It’s been so long, so long I can hardly believe. I miss you.

Issue 22 Conviction
Two Stories
Issue 22 Conviction
Dispatches From Guerrero
Issue 22 Conviction

There is, in all these worlds, at least one man or woman who sees the restlessness in you and accepts it.

Issue 22 Conviction

Where do I start and stop, is what I want to know.

Issue 22 Conviction
Those Like Us
Issue 22 Conviction

Fuck George Jefferson, it’s Spike Lee who has moved on up.

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