Welcome to the new nplusonemag

Welcome to the new site. We hope it’s more readable and easier to navigate, not to mention better-looking, even as it’s less compromising in its judgments and otherwise more fun to have around.

This site was designed by Frances Duncan and Dan O. Williams of Durable Goods Design, and implemented by Jason Das.

The layout is pretty intuitive: clicking on an author’s name will take you to a page of all the works by that author. (For the record, the most prolific web author in nplusonemag history is Marco Roth.) Pieces have been divided into 19 general categories, plus some additional categories for the print issues—these appear at the top of the piece, above the author’s name, and will lead to a list of all the articles in that category.

The “search” function has been farmed out to mighty Google and will be a little goofy for the first few days.

The archive is active and usable, including every piece that’s ever been posted on nplusonemag, if a little unwieldy.

In terms of the content, now that everything’s so easy to find: We’ve always put about a fifth of every print issue online, and we’re going to keep doing that. Our sense for now, even with this new design, is that pieces well over five thousand words are better read on paper. As we have since mid-2004, we will continue to post new web-only essays, stories, and experiments here once a week at the minimum. They will be shorter and timelier than what appears in the print magazine, but they will advance the general ideas and mission of n+1, as well as, we hope, of a more just, thoughtful, and decent society. As always, we urge you to subscribe to the print magazine, which remains the center of gravity for the n+1 project as a whole.

Please send thoughts and suggestions to editors at nplusonemag.com.

As ever, with our gratitude,

The nplusonemag team

Image: 1950 Volkswagen. From the internet.


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