14 February 2005

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Excerpted from Issue 2.

In this way and others I was assured again and again: no Delgado by way of TMS. No mind control. No social danger. Pascual-Leone had been brainstorming aloud; or he had been attempting innocently to pique the curiosity of a visiting journalist. And yet Delgado’s bull stuck with me. Because if for most ordinary people, with their ordinary conceptions of human will and human personality, the bull is terrifying – indicative of an incursion upon human dignity – for me he was indicative of hope. What I couldn’t tell anybody is that I wanted to be zapped because I wanted to be the bull.

This is an excerpt from n+1 Issue 2: Happiness. To purchase the issue and read the rest of this article, which appears on page 70, go to the n+1 store »


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