Small Books Reading, January 3

Please join us at 7 PM on Thursday, January 3 for a reading from n+1’s new books at McNally Jackson in Soho.

Keith Gessen, Emily Gould, Mark Krotov, and Leon Neyfakh will read selections from It’s No Good: Poems/Essays/Actions by Russian poet and activist Kirill Medvedev—new from n+1 and Ugly Duckling.

New York Community for Change’s Greg Basta will read from The Trouble Is the Banks: Letters to Wall Street—n+1’s latest small book since What Was the Hipster?—with Trouble Is the Banks co-editors Dayna Tortorici and Nick Werle.

And if time permits, n+1 editors will read excerpts from the Issue 15 Intellectual Situation, on the Atlantic, Harper’s, and the Paris Review

Rare and out-of-print n+1 back issues will be available On Demand at the McNally Jackson BookMachine.

There will be wine, and vintage (2012) champagne.


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