Issue Number 7


Cover of Issue 7
  • Cars, Food, and Sociology
    • On Food

      You can eat your Powerbar, product of an engineering as peculiar as any the world has known, and wash it down with unpasteurized unfiltered cider pressed by Mennonites, and on both fronts, you find it good. More…

  • Fiction
    • The Family Friend

      The girl had to go away for work to the coast for two months. She missed her visits to the family friend’s house, and carefully selected a gift for them a day before her return. More…

  • Love and Sex
    • Three Poems

      Easy to deride
 / The way he stayed alive inside
 / His women with his puffed-up pride. 
/ The pharmacy supplied
 / The rising truck ladder that the fire did not provide.

  • Money
  • Music and TV
    • Confessions of a DJ

      Economics favor the DJ. A club can make an event out of one bigname DJ plus local support, and pay just the headliner. (And DJing can make for a long night of drinks-buying.) More…

  • My Life and Times
  • The Intellectual Situation
    • American Gorbachev

      The self-evident truth of free-market thought has in recent months come to resemble the statist gospel of the Soviets. Who believes in it now? More…

    • On Bolaño

      In Bolaño, literature is a helpless, undignified, and not especially pleasant compulsion, like smoking. At one point you started and now you can’t stop; it’s become a habit and an identity. More…

    • The People of the Magazine

      No one can look at Heeb, or the “Superjew” and “Yo Semite” T-shirts, without feeling ashamed—even if that magazine and those T-shirts are themselves products of that feeling of shame. More…