Issue Number 6


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  • American Politics
    • The Politics of Fear, Part IV

      Alex Gourevitch is right to say that the campaign against global warming can lead to left fantasies of an antipolitics of emergency. I’ll vouch for this, because I have these fantasies myself. More…

  • Book Reviews
    • Orhan Pamuk and the Turks

      When I observe the ferocity of emotion that my students bring to the subject of this author whose novels they haven’t read, I promise myself to put a novel by Orhan Pamuk on every syllabus I teach here. More…

    • The End, The End, The End

      Our future, like our past, may be virtually free of oil, and global culture, and many of the social safeguards we enjoy. Thus the novel of future catastrophe threatens to become a version of the historical novel. More…

  • Politics
  • Reading, Writing, and Publishing
    • Gawker: 2002–2007

      It was crucial that Denton hire novice writers for Gawker; these writers came cheap, and they also were useful in their real fascination with their self-important subjects. More…