Issue Number 5

Decivilizing Process

Cover of Issue 5
  • Book Reviews
    • Woman, The New Social Problem

      The authors accuse women of abandoning their children for work, abandoning public life for their children, acting too feminine or too feminist, and generally failing to make their lives run smoothly. More…

  • Cars, Food, and Sociology
    • Flying Cars

      You’ll get even more mobility with your flying car, but you’ll also get a second chance to decide how mobility should fit into daily life. More…

  • Fiction
    • My Predicament

      I don’t like being a spider. Except for rash moments when my web’s been struck and I scramble automatically after my prey, hissing and excited, my venom up and my jaws parted. More…

    • Dr. Atomic

      “You should be comfortable here, Comrade. We have selected the best available room in the entire capital for your refreshment. Your bags should be up in a minute or so.” More…

  • The Intellectual Situation