Issue Number 3


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    • On Torture and Parenting

      One of them, who’d read a Ferber book and then went the other way with his daughter, said, “I can’t imagine letting her know you’re there and not giving her what she wants. Why torture her?” More…

  • Music and TV
  • The Intellectual Situation
    • Dating

      Dating presents itself as an education in human relationships. In fact it’s an anti-education. You could invent no worse preparation for love, for marriage, than the tireless pursuit of the perfect partner. More…

    • The Reading Crisis

      Under conditions of the reading crisis, everything a writer does, no matter how self-serving and reprehensible, becomes a blow in the service of literature. More…

  • War in Iraq
    • On Torture and Parenting

      If parenting, even responsible parenting, made me feel like a torturer . . . the official torturers now conceive of themselves in the same terms as the parenting manuals. More…