Issue Number 1


Cover of Issue 1
  • American Politics
  • Art and Architecture
    • The Icon Emerging

      John Currin, on the other hand, “knows how to paint.” Everybody’s been wondering just how he painted his baby’s balls to look so big in that New Yorker photo. I don’t have any answers. More…

  • Book Reviews
    • David Foster Wallace!

      Where to go after Infinite Jest? David Foster Wallace’s 1996 opus now looks like the central American novel of the past 30 years, a dense star for lesser work to orbit. More…

  • Foreign Affairs
    • Paranoiastan

      Becoming the sort of person who believes that the FSB is responsible for a number of things the FSB could not, in a decent state or decent universe, possibly be responsible for—changes you. More…

  • Politics
    • A Bunch of Nobodies

      Extraordinary that people can discuss war without saying to themselves, over and over: “we will kill people, we will maim, we will destroy flesh, we will burn and harm. That is what we are planning to do.” More…

  • The Intellectual Situation
    • A Regressive Avant-Garde

      Eggersards returned to the claims of childhood. Transcendence would not figure in their thought. Intellect did not interest them, but kids did. Childhood is still their leitmotif. More…

    • Designated Haters

      Somehow TNR got the best people and encouraged their worst instincts. Academic experts were invited in to garrote colleagues they didn’t understand. It was called being a “public intellectual.” More…

  • War in Iraq