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Paper Monument

Launched in 2008 by Dushko Petrovich and Roger White as an antidote to both the art market and writing about the art market, our sister magazine Paper Monument comes out irregularly but boldly with fresh writing about art, art happenings, art movements, and with color images of original art-works.

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  • Paper Monument Issue 2

    Paper Monument no. 2

    “The artist of today is a titan of microindustry. He employs a lot of people—for an artist—and calls his workplace a “studio” to denote not a place of private craft but rather an organ for collective production.” Mark Greif on YouTube; Gregory Warner on touring Kabul; Jessica Slaven on “Sculpture in the Expended Field.”

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  • Paper Monument Issue no. 1

    Paper Monument no. 1

    “Those magazines didn’t give you much art, really. Most of the pictures were a couple of inches big, accompanied by a 250-word summary. It was like looking at someone’s vacation photos.” Roger White on faker Andre Pretorius; Dushko Petrovich on Neo Rauch; “New York Must End”; “She Say Breck, I Say Dreck.”

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