4 February 2013

Occupy Onwards, Episode One

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The latest installment of the n+1 podcast looks back to December 11, to a daylong conference about the ongoing Occupy movement, Occupy Onwards. This, the first of the four panels, was called  “The Banks: What Can Be Done?” It featured panelists Julia Ott of The New School, Doug Henwood of Left Business Observer, and Carne Ross of the OWS Alternative Banking Group, and was moderated by n+1 and Occupy Gazette editor Keith Gessen. Stay tuned for the next episode, based on the  Occupy Onwards panel “Lessons From The Past/Possible Futures.” 

Hosted by Mark Greif
Taped by Hethre Contant
Produced and Edited by Hethre Contant and Malcolm Donaldson


Image: Copyright (c) 2011 by Thomas Good.


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