Occupy! Issue 3

Published on December 15, the third issue of the Occupy! Gazette is the latest in the series. It describes and re-imagines the movement after the end of the occupations as well as looks to the archives for models. Articles follow student activism from CUNY to Berkeley, cover the Oakland port shutdown, consider the legacies of ACT-UP, the Greenham Common occupation, and autonomia—and more.


Astra Taylor, After the Eviction
Mark Greif, Last Night at Zuccotti Park
Marco Roth, Mayor Bloomberg’s Language
Kathleen Ross, Arrested
Jeremy Kessler, This is What Nonviolence Looks Like
Rachel Signer, The New School in Exile, Revisited
Karen Smith, The Legal Issues of Zuccotti Park
Sarah Resnick, November 15 Courtroom
Rebecca Nathanson, Student Power
Erin Sheehy, Neighbors
Meaghan Linick, Occupying a Foreclosed Home
Kathryn Crim, Bulldozers of the Mind
Randall Cohn, Occupy Minnesota
Gwen Snyder, Campaign vs. Encampment
Brandon Harris, Occupy Cincy
Geoffrey Wildanger, Occupy UC Davis
Christopher Herring and Zoltan Gluck, The Struggle for Education
Kristin Parker, Dispatch from the Audre Lorde–Howard Zinn Library
Eli Schmitt, Best Years of Our Lives
Lili Loofbourow, December 12 Port Shutdown
Ann Snitow, Greenham Common
L. A. Kauffman, After the Action
Stephen Squibb, Neo Autonomia
Sarah Schulman, Act Up
Cinzia Arruzza, Road Trip
Daniel Marcus, From Occupation to Communization
Marina Sitrin, Some Issues With Horizontalism
Silvia Federici, Women, Austerity, and the Unfinished Feminist Revolution
Nicholas Mirzoeff, Occupy Climate Change
Damion Searles, Thoreau at Zuccotti Park
Yotam Moram, OWS Meets Winter
Astra Taylor, Occupy and Space