Occupy! Issue 1

Published on October 21, the first Occupy! Gazette gives a history, both personal and documentary, and the beginnings of an analysis of the first month of the occupations. Articles address the history of horizontalism, early conflicts with the police, the beginnings of the occupations in New York, Oakland, Philadelphia, and more.


Mark Greif and Astra Taylor, Scenes from an Occupation
Eli Schmitt, Wanting Something
Marina Sitrin, One No! Many Yeses
Manissa Maharawal, Standing Up
Amy C. Offner, What Do You Do When You Can’t Shut it Down?
Mark Rudd, Dear OWSers
Elizabeth Gumport, Back at Zuccotti Park
Ellie Smith, Women’s Caucus
Sarah Resnick, Arrest, Protest, Reset
Penny Lewis, Unions Coming
Doug Henwood, Mend it, Don’t End It
Astra Taylor, Diary
Meaghan Linick, Citibank Arrest Video
Gwen Snyder, Campaign vs. Encampment
Maliha Safri, Globalizing Zuccotti
Michael Smith, Bloomberg Blinks
Jeremy Kessler, Open Letter to the NYPD
Sarah Leonard, Park to Park
Onnesha Roychoudhuri, Scenes from Occupied New York
Kung Li, Occupy Atlanta
Nikil Saval, Occupy Philadelphia
Adriana Camarena, Occupy San Francisco
Joanne McNeil, Occupy the Internet
Jeremy Kessler, The Police and the 99 Percent
Bernes et al., Percentages, Politics, and the Police
Marco Roth, On the “We Are the 99 Percent” Tumblr
Mike Konczal, On the “We are the 99 Percent” Tumblr
Charles Petersen, The Politics of the Poor
Benjamin Kunkel, Twilight of the Fossils
Astra Taylor, Occupation Breakdown
Beka Economopolous, Internal Memos
Liza Featherstone, What’s Next
Mark Greif, Cut the Bull
Jodi Dean, Judgment
Editors, Songbook