5 August 2013

Issue Number 17

The Evil Issue




World Lite
Every year, sections of the dominant class fly from Mexico City to have Julian Barnes sign books in Xalapa, or from Delhi to Jaipur to be seen partying with Mario Vargas Llosa. 


The Drone Philosopher
Marco Roth
The tone of his article makes him out to be a thoughtful liberal, more interested in weighing complexities than in easy solutions, simultaneously attracted by and wary of power, not unlike the commander in chief he hopes will one day read his papers.


Fish Rot
Rebecca Curtis
My evaluations that year said, “Leah is strange. Her comments are late. She is also late. She tries hard and is enthusiastic, that’s true. She smells bad. It is difficult to concentrate when she smells like salmon.”

Gregory S. Moss
I would ask him about his love life.
“Got a victim?” I asked.
When I finally saw her I felt kind of bad about putting it that way.

Subtle Bodies
Norman Rush
She had to control herself. She needed to be calm and alkaline. She thought, I wonder if he thinks I love taking Clomid and standing on my head après sex, with him holding my feet in the air. 


Kelly Lake Store
Chris Kraus
The business of Kelly Lake Store will be the store: selling gas, groceries, cigarettes, and other convenience store items. The store will not be used as a venue for art exhibitions or performances. 

Style at the Scale of the Sentence
The Stanford Literary Lab
Now the question was: Would this computer-generated series modify our understanding of the style of Middlemarch, or that of the bildungsroman as a genre? And if not, what was the point of the whole enterprise?

Alice Gregory
Surfers have the odd habit of saying “I drowned” when they mean “I almost drowned.” Drowning, after all, feels like almost drowning until it feels like nothing.


On Walter Johnson
Gabriel Winant
For Johnson, slavery is not something outside of capitalism or American liberalism but the clearest instance of each. (John Locke lodged no complaints against human bondage.)

On Silvia Federici and Martha Rosler
Dayna Tortorici
Wages for Housework wasn’t just a discussion point or thought experiment. These groups existed, with real demands and protest songs to go with them.


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