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Dear Readers,

We’ve been watching the growing Occupy movements, first in New York City, then across the country and the world with awe, excitement, a dose of skepticism, and then once more with awe. n+1 and several talented associates have put together a quick history, analysis, and documentation of OWS. Now we just need to publish it.

With the help of Astra Taylor (Examined Life; Zizek!) and Sarah Leonard of Dissent, we’ve put together a history, both personal and documentary, and the beginning of an analysis of the first month of the occupation. Articles deal with the problem of the police; the history of the “horizontalist” management structure at OWS; how to keep a live-in going when what you’ve tried to shut down refuses to shut down (like Harvard, or Wall Street); on whether the Fed should be abolished; on where that Citibank arrest video came from; on occupations in Oakland, Philadelphia, Atlanta; on what happens next; and more.

It’s an attempt to begin to think through what is happening, written by people both on the ground and across the river. We hope you’ll read it and discuss it with us. There’s a lot more thinking and doing to do.

We must reach our $2,000 goal by Saturday, October 22nd at 11:59 PM in order to receive funding. Please take a moment to visit our Kickstarter campaign to learn how you can help.

With gratitude,

The Editors of n+1


It’s the right thing to do.

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