Coming Soon: What Was the Hipster?

Hello from the n+1 office. We’re hard at work making the next installment of our small book series, What Was the Hipster? Based on a panel discussion of the same name held at the New School last spring—featuring editor Mark Greif, hipster critic Christian Lorentzen, and contributor Jace Clayton aka DJ/Rupture—the book represents our investigation of the rise and fall of the contemporary hipster.

In addition to the panel transcript, the book includes responses from critics Jennifer Baumgardner, Patrice Evans aka The Assimilated Negro, and Margo Jefferson, as well as essays on douchebags, Hasids versus hipsters, and ill-fated sneaker shop Alife Rivington. It has been a pleasure to index and helped us reach new frontiers of copy-editing. The book goes on sale this October, and will be available for pre-order sooner rather than later. Look for it at the n+1 store, and at a bookstore near you!

Update: What was the Hipster? is now available for pre-order.

Image: Ashton copyedits the "What Was the Hipster?" panel transcript.


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