Rachel Sherman

31 May 2013

“Oh yeah?” Kari says, wanting to open the door, afraid of what her father will say next. Jovita, she thinks, the sick one. She pictures the photo her father brought back with him and showed them that night. The two girls, wearing matching white dresses, stand on a road somewhere. Identical, and yet, not. Jovita like a shriveled version of her clearly developed sister; their smiles pretty; deep black eyes. More…

14 February 2005

Dear Beth—I liked your last letter. You are funny. Really. I’ll tell you, mostly there is just a lot of sitting around here doing nothing. I play cards and THIS IS THE REAPER! WHEN I AM BORED I MASTURBATE AND THINK ABOUT YOU. I’m so sorry. Oh my god. I can’t believe that just happened again. More…

Originally published in Issue 2: Happiness

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